Oct 05, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use for your drawing ?

I use Gliffy.

What do you use for your comments system ?

From 2004 to 2014, we used GentleSource comment system with Akismet to detect bots and spam.
In 2014 we switched to Disqus.

How can I get started with Game Programming ?

  1. Read the source code of a shoot-em-up: They are easy to understand. Prototype won first place in the first shmup-dev competition. You can find the full source code and assets here. If C/C++ is too scary or you are more used to GC environments, you can read my Java version.
  2. Write a shoot-em-up: Use Prototype's sprite assets and let your creativity go wild. That's how I started.
  3. Read books. Mr Elusive (Jan Paul van Waveren from id Software) has a list of the best books: Read all of them.
  4. Read good game engine code: The code reviews on this side are good starting points.
  5. Practice and write a more complex game. Language doesn't matter, the important is to attempt to emulate yourself.

How can I become a good C developer ?

I wrote an article recommanding the best books about C. You can find it here.

How can I become a good C++ developer ?

I am currently writing an article about that.