May 03, 2012


This is my personal website, you can find here most of the code and ideas I came up with during my extra-professional time.


I was born in Lyon and raised in Romans-Sur-Isere, France where I spent most of my time playing soccer but somehow managed to graduate with a Master of Science in Computer Science from Grenoble University (French Alps).


In 2004, two days after graduating I started to work in Paris as a Software Engineer. I spent one year there: coding by day and rollerblading by night.


In 2005 I left to Toronto, Canada with a Work Holiday Visa in order to "Explore, Dream and Discover" the world...but mostly in order to improve my English. I was planning on staying five months... but I ended up staying a little bit longer. My first job was busboy at the N'awlins on King Street ! I quickly went back to programming and worked in various cool place, such as Rogers and QuickPlay as a Software Engineer. Eventually I created my own company: Memset Software.


In July 2012 I was granted Canadian Citizenship. I am now a dual Citizen of both France and Canada :) !


In 2014 I was hired by Google and I temporarily relocated to California in the USA: