October 19th, 2010


"SHMUP" is the name of a multiplayer 3D shoot'em up I wrote for iOS platform (iPhone/iPad/iTouch). I couldn't find a decent 3D shooter on the AppStore so I decided to write a game that I would enjoy. The goal was to produce a gorgeous, instant fun game that would run on iOS, PC and xBox360. Its 3D engine was crafted with C, passion and a bit of assembly to deliver an incredible 60 frames per seconds on any platform.

March 14, 2001: SHMUP has received a stellar review from shmupemall.com, you can read the article here (archive here).

Link to AppStore

A lot of efforts were made and time spent thinking the 3D engine, the gameplay and the ships (here is an example of one of the many concept arts for the HAB: Heavy Armored Bomber) :

I hope you will enjoy it ;) !





 I worked on "SHMUP" for more than 18months but plenty of people contributed at some point. Here is the list of people that were significantely involved.

Producer Fabien Sanglard
3D engine and code Fabien Sanglard
Graphics Fabien Sanglard
MusicFuture Crew
3D artistsPhil Walker
Mike Jensen
Sean Weisman
Special ThanksJeremy Vernet
Soojin Yi
Aurelien Sanglard


The music may sound familiar to oldschoolers. It comes from one of the greatest hack of all time: "Second Reality" by Future Crew. Yes a deal was signed so I could use the music.


I will be writing several technical entries in the next months, a few things that will be covered:



Fabien Sanglard @2010